Temecula Learning Center will invite and honor diversity. The school alms to educate students whose families have a strong desire to work in conjunction with the school to achieve optimum academic results and self-reliant, capable children.

The school is targeted towards students of kindergarten through eighth grade to provide them with a comprehensive, cohesive learning experience with close articulation between all grades and among all classes.


Temecula Learning Center will put the needs of children first and will be accountable for meeting the academic needs of all students. The highest standards will be instituted and maintained by students, parents, and teachers working together over time in an atmosphere of mutual respect, where every member cares about quality and standards.

This charter is a promise to our children to encourage them, to contribute to and expand their educational opportunities and options. The school will support individuality in learning in a nurturing framework which teaches responsibility, creativity, and self-initiative It will be a school for students who can make the most of opportunities provided to develop their own sense of responsibility.

The school will be a place of shared decision-making which will require teacher and parent participation, including parent partnership with the teachers in school site governance. Parents and community members will be involved with the teachers and/or administrator in enriching the curriculum programs. It is a school for teachers, parents, and students who will adhere to its educational philosophy, and willingly defend it, and who will provide continuous, honest and serious evaluation of the effectiveness of the school in meeting its stated goals.

Temecula Learning Center will be staffed by teachers, paraprofessionals, and volunteers who are dedicated and absorbed in their work, and where instructional practices will address children’s academic, social, emotional, physical, and aesthetic needs. A safe learning environment for all at the school will be ensured by parents, teachers, and students working together. Conflict resolution and negotiating skills will be taught to all school members.

The school will involve the students in community service projects, and provide instruction in a second language It will promote the growth of children’s character, knowledge and understanding of themselves and their relationships to their world.

This charter school will be a place where all can discover, experience, and celebrate their own worth.